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  • Online Portal Advertising is a form of advertising on websites portals that are highly relevant to the advertiser’s target market. It uses web banners that are strategically designed and placed on niche websites to entice visitors to check out the services or products being offered. Clicking on a banner directs visitors to the advertising company’s landing page.

    Web banners have been used by marketers since the beginning of the Internet. Until now, it remains a popular method for directing traffic and turning visitors into customers or clients. The strength of web banners is that even with just a small space, it can deliver a strong message that attracts a high number of sales leads. Online portal advertising is the preferred marketing strategy of many companies because it brings in high-quality traffic and because of its simple yet effective approach.


  • High Conversion Rate

    Online Portal Advertising is most commonly used on web portals, which are websites that feature numerous but related types of products or services. Website portals have certain types of audiences (for example, a wedding portal will have a lot of young brides-to-be visitors), which may be the exact market a company is targeting. This greatly improves how well the company’s ad will be received by the portal users who become sales leads when they click on the ad.

  • Attractive Advertising

    Banner ads are created by professional graphic artists who have comprehensive knowledge about what attracts website users and what makes them click on an image. Banner ads are like small artworks that combine texts and colors to create an image that grabs attention and appeals to the visitors’ interest. More than promoting their business, banner ads also fill in the empty spaces on websites to make it look livelier and give users better browsing experience.

  • Build Brand Awareness

    Not everyone who visits the website portal where a banner ad is posted will click on it, but everyone will definitely see it and it will make an impression on them. This is a great advantage of online portal advertising, because even if the banner ads don’t directly turn into sales, they still serve to promote the company and help build up recognition. The more familiar people are with the company brand, the more confident they will be in the future to try its offers.

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